Competition & Speed Walls

Competition and speed walls are specifically tailored to the requirements of competition climbing, at any climbing standard (regional, national or international) and for each of the three disciplines: Lead, Bouldering and Speed.

Entre-Prises has always been heavily involved in competition climbing, and is the official supplier of climbing walls for the International Federation for Sport Climbing (IFSC), and a partner to many national federations (Climb Britain, USA Climbing, FEDME, and others). We have gained solid experience and genuine expertise both as a supplier of structures (2016 IFSC World Cup in Villars, 2014 IFSC World Championships in Gijón, 2012 IFSC World Championships in Bercy, Natural Games, Deep Water Solo in La Rochelle and Exeter) and as an organiser (organising Spanish national competitions).

Entre-Prises is IFSC certified for the manufacture of Speed Walls..



  • Age: Youth to Adult
  • Discipline: Competition
  • Standard: Expert to Elite


  • Special colours to create imaginative designs and boost visual impact
  • Printed or textured logo to showcase the event and any sponsors
  • Closed edges for clean lines and a modern look, and to minimise graspable angle changes
  • Additional inserts to increase options for route setting



  • IFSC-certified Speed Walls
  • World Cup Boulders
  • Temporary Competition Walls


  • Clip ‘n Climb, Mainz

    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, Europe

  • Clip’ n Climb, Top Jump

    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, USA

  • Clip ‘n Climb – Amsterdam

    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, Europe

  • O’Bloc, Ostermundigen

    Climbing facilities, MOZAIK, Europe

  • Alpamayo Klimcentrum, Beringen

    Climbing facilities, MOZAIK, Europe

  • Harmony Of The Seas

    Climbing facilities, LIGHTWAVE ROCK EFFECT, Europe

  • Modjo Escalade, Rennes

    Climbing facilities, MOZAIK, Europe

  • Clip ‘n Climb Stockton, England

    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, UK

  • Vertical Ocean Camp, La Rochelle

    Climbing facilities, MOZAIK, Europe

  • Clip ‘n Climb Exeter, England

    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, UK

  • Clip ‘n Climb Aix – Climb Up Aix, France

    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, Europe

  • Commrow Whitney Peak Hotel, United States

    Outdoor Boulders and Towers, MOZAIK, USA