Outdoor Boulders & Towers


From the youngest climbers in their sandpits to city-dwellers who love rock climbing, boulders and climbing towers for parks and playgrounds meet the needs of every type of climber. These outdoor structures are ideally suited to exterior use, making climbing accessible to all and offering a variety of climbing styles.

Climber profile

  • Age: Child to Senior
  • Discipline: Leisure, Sport
  • Standard: Beginner to Expert



  • Varied rock profile with specific areas for beginner climbers.
  • Shapes, colours and features blend in with the surrounding natural rock
  • Height restricted to 3 metres to encourage maximum use
  • Landing surface: pea gravel, with shock-absorbent surfacing in a radius of 2.5m around the boulder
  • Accessibility for climbers with disabilities and reduced mobility



  • Freeform cracks and features for simulated rock even better than the real thing

Holds and accessories:

  • Choose holds  that comply with playgrounds standards (such as Kids, Tic, Instinct 2,  Toe., Didactics, Pedagogs.) and TÜV (such as Essential Jugs, Bloc 40, Tac, Climb-it)  for maximum safety.
  • Polyester climbing holds  to avoid discolouration.


  • Annual maintenance recommended by NF and FIFAS standards. With more than 30 years’ experience in building ACS, Entre-Prises is THE maintenance specialist.

Standard product

Park and Playground Boulders

  • Specially designed for playgrounds in Lightwave Rock Effect simulated rock
  • Available in 5 sizes:
    • Voyager: 6m², H 1.2m x L 2.4m x W 1.0m, 34 inserts, 2 climbers
    • Pioneer: 11m², H 1.6m x L 2.3m x W 1.6m, 63 inserts, 3 climbers
    • Adventurer: 11m², H 1.5m x L 2.7m x W 1.6m, 63 inserts, 3 climbers
    • Explorer: 16m², H 1.5m x L 3.2m x W 1.7m, 91 inserts, 4 climbers
    • Challenger: 26m², H 2.3m x L 3.6m x W 2.8m, 148 inserts, 5 climbers
  • Climbing holds compliant with standard EN1176.1 (Playgrounds)
  • Available in a range of natural rock shades

Examples of recent projects

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    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, Europe

  • Clip’ n Climb, Top Jump

    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, USA

  • Clip ‘n Climb – Amsterdam

    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, Europe

  • O’Bloc, Ostermundigen

    Climbing facilities, MOZAIK, Europe

  • Alpamayo Klimcentrum, Beringen

    Climbing facilities, MOZAIK, Europe

  • Harmony Of The Seas

    Climbing facilities, LIGHTWAVE ROCK EFFECT, Europe

  • Modjo Escalade, Rennes

    Climbing facilities, MOZAIK, Europe

  • Clip ‘n Climb Stockton, England

    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, UK

  • Vertical Ocean Camp, La Rochelle

    Climbing facilities, MOZAIK, Europe

  • Clip ‘n Climb Exeter, England

    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, UK

  • Clip ‘n Climb Aix – Climb Up Aix, France

    Clip'n Climb - Fun Climbing, Europe

  • Commrow Whitney Peak Hotel, United States

    Outdoor Boulders and Towers, MOZAIK, USA