Fixe Y-Hangers- Statement

Fixe Y-Hangers- Statement

As this topic has been raised by some of our clients, Entre-Prises would like to clarify and reassure owners of climbing walls equipped with anchor chains from Fixe.

Here is the latest official statement from FIXE:


In addition to FIXE’s comments shown via the above link they have sent us the following clarification:

“First of all I want to send a message of calm: The Y-Hangers  on  indoor climbing walls are totally safe.

The INOX issues affect all hangers made in these materials, FIXE ones included.’’

From this statement we would like to clarify as follows:

  • All indoor walls do not need to take any remedial action. (unless they are within the same building as a swimming pool)
  • All outdoor walls should check to make sure that they have the current PLX anchor chains, the attached pictures explain how to do this. If they are not PLX please follow FIXE recommendations as shown in the above link.
  • On the top of regular checks, FIXE recommend that all anchors should be changed after 5 years of usage.


In case of any doubts, please contact EP service team on 01282 444813. For anyone wishing to upgrade to the PLX version Entre-Prises UK will install them for the price of the anchor only when combined with an inspection.

Thank you

Steve Hilton

Managing Director


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