Our vision

To promote climbing and its values

Climbing in adventure playgrounds, on boulders, multi-pitch routes, solo, indoors, on the world’s biggest cliffs or on urban buildings…
Climbing today has a thousand faces and takes place on thousands of different structures.

But whatever the climbing discipline and wherever it takes place, it is always a vehicle for the same human values and personal qualities: humility, respect for nature, team spirit, pushing one’s limits, and tenacity.

By creating climbing walls we not only make climbing more accessible, we also promote these key values by which we learn how best to share our lives with others. This is the Entre-Prises mindset as we manufacture and develop artificial climbing structures all over the world day after day.

The adventure began nearly 30 years ago in a workshop right in the heart of the French Alps. And today, Entre-Prises is an international team comprising different cultures and multiple talents: designers, architects, engineers, craftsmen, fitters; all driven by the same original passion.

Together, we have never stopped creating new climbing walls, each one more functional and beautiful than the last. Browse through our portfolio and explore our custom solutions displayed in our finest completed projects

Antoine Richard – Entre-Prises CEO