£ 44.17

A small technical pyramid to use as a handhold or macro.  As with the whole Pharao range (wood macros), each face slopes at an angle of 10° difference to facilitate precise route setting.

Inserts are not chamfered, and are positioned over 10cm from each edge to restrict hand position options.

Only three segment lengths are used, for perfect matching with the other macros in the range.

Quantity: 1

Colour: Grey, Pink, Turquoise or Lime Green

Fixings: VBA (wood screws) not provided

Size: 40 x 35 x 20cm

Weight: 1.9  Kg

MagentaMagentaMagentaLight GreyLight GreyLight GreyTurquoiseTurquoiseTurquoiseGreen LimonGreen LimonGreen Limon