Boulder at Teton Boulder Park, United States

Boulder at Teton Boulder Park, United States

An Entre-Prises solution

Entre-Prises worked with a local team to create boulders of gradually increasing difficulty, from beginner to expert level. “Boxcar Boulder”, the biggest boulder there and undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest artificial boulders, still poses a real sporting challenge for many top-level climbers.

Nous avons opté pour la technologie Freeform We opted for Freeform technology so that we could create ultra-realistic features such as natural cracks or wide jugs. The site includes boulders of differing levels of difficulty, from boulders for kids to the one for expert climbers. The boulders are requisitioned every year for a big local event, the Jackson Hole Summer Games.

LocationJackson Hole, United StatesClimbable area222m²
DateJuly 2010 Height4.2m
Wall typePark and Playground Boulder and Tower Width2m / 3m / 7m


TechnologyFreeform Max. overhang1-2m
ConfigurationFree-standing boulder


Number of lines30+
Climber profileBeginner to expert


OptionsFreeform Level -2