Commrow Whitney Peak Hotel, United States

Commrow Whitney Peak Hotel, United States

 An Entre-Prises solution

The final design, called the “double barrel”, offers climbers a new concept in urban climbing: multi-pitch climbing for cities. The structure consists of two major routes of two different lengths, providing 50 metres of climbing above the city centre’s crowded streets.

We also installed a 15m official speed wall, and routes for children. To make sure the equipment would stand the test of time throughout the year, we used technology suitable for outdoor use: MozaiK XP

LocationReno, United StatesClimbable area475m²
DateOctober 2011 Height50m
Wall typePark and Playground Boulder and Tower Width26.8m


TechnologyMozaiK XP Max. overhang1m
ConfigurationRoped walls


Number of lines19
Climber profileBeginner, Intermediate, Expert


Options15m official speed wall