IFSC World Climbing Championships – Bercy 2012

IFSC World Climbing Championships – Bercy 2012

An Entre-Prises solution

Entre-Prises designed “the World Cup Boulders”World Cup Boulders » : Eight different modular climbing faces that can be assembled according to route setters’ and customers’ needs and wishes. These faces can be arranged in various configurations. The faces can either be fixed to a support or arranged in free-standing assemblies of two or four. Bercy settled on the solution of two free-standing boulders of two faces each, providing spectators with an all-round view. Le système MosaïK With the MosaïK system, wooden macros and screw-on holds can be attached to the panels themselves, providing route setters with a vast range of options for changing shapes or “filling in” their boulders.

LocationParisClimbable area75 m²
DateMay 2012 Height4.50 m
Wall typeCompetition wall Width
TechnologyMosaïK Max. overhang2.10m / 3.30m


Number of lines
Climber profileElite