The Boardroom Climbing Ltd, United Kingdom

The Boardroom Climbing Ltd, United Kingdom

An Entre-Prises solution

  • La technologie MozaiK technology for greater flexibility in route setting
  • 50 climbing routes up to 10m high
  • World Cup boulders and other boulders up to 4.8 high
  • An 8 metre “psicobloc” wall with a large landing area.
  • A dedicated training area, systems board, campus board, and gym rings.
  • A specially designed area for beginners and children
  • A relaxation area for chatting with friends.
LocationQueensferry, Royaume UniClimbable area1067 m²
DateOctober 2013 Height10m
Wall typeCompetition wall Widthn/a
TechnologyMosaïK Max. overhang?
ConfigurationRoped wall and boulders
Number of lines50
Climber profileAll types of climbers


“We had some essential criteria when it came to choosing the manufacturer of our “The Boardroom” climbing facility: first-rate products and service, modern designs, personal advice, no hidden costs, and adherence to deadlines. Add to this our requirement for non-marking textures and walls of IFSC competition standard, and Entre-Prises was the obvious choice.

We opened a year ago, and the climbable surfaces are still just as clean and colourful, with no obvious scuff marks. This is quite incredible considering the number of climbers we have! In fact, the wall is still so clean even now that new climbers think we only opened yesterday!

We are in regular contact with Entre-Prises for monitoring and maintenance on our wall, and to share ideas for extensions and improvements. Entre-Prises is an extremely competent and professional partner that works very closely with us. They were undoubtedly a key factor in the success of our project”

David Thomas, Director, The Boardroom Climbing Ltd