Vertical Ocean Camp, La Rochelle

Vertical Ocean Camp, La Rochelle

 An Entre-Prises solution

This is where the Entre-Prises standard Deep Water Solo wall was born. Our engineers developed a standard, ultra-light structure that could be installed in three days and taken down in two.  Our MozaiK technology was chosen for the build, to provide route setters with large flat surfaces that could accommodate large numbers of volumes and macros for maximum creativity and options for adjustments in route setting.

An added bonus is that this wall can be transformed from a Deep Water Solo wall into a bouldering wall 12m wide by 4.5m high!

The event was a huge success. More than 6,000 people attended throughout the weekend, and they were certainly not disappointed by this superb spectacle with its awe-inspiring, highly focused climbers! The next events have already been planned!

LocationLa Rochelle, France Climbable areaM2
DateMay 2016 Height12.5 m
Wall typeDeep Water Solo wall Width6 m


TechnologyMozaiK Max. overhang6 m
ConfigurationDeep Water Solo Number of lines
Climber profileExpert to Elite Options