Inspection and Maintenance of ACS

As a pioneer in the construction of climbing walls, we quickly became specialists in servicing and maintaining our climbing structures. Our teams are specially trained to provide you with the highest standards of safety and service for your climbing wall.

The Entre-Prises teams can inspect or service all types of climbing wall, whether or not they were built by Entre-Prises. Our technicians are trained in working at height, and will be able to assess the condition of your climbing structure, climbing holds, matting and climbing equipment, and advise you on the actions to be undertaken to guarantee the highest standards of safety for users.

Maintaining Compliance

European and American standards are constantly evolving, and have probably changed since your climbing wall was built. Even if you have obtained a certificate, your artificial climbing structure may no longer be compliant with current standards.

It is also possible that the engineering surveys required to verify the strength of the artificial climbing structure (ACS) or the load-bearing walls may not have been carried out or were not conducted in accordance with the standards.

Entre-Prises engineers are able to provide you with a comprehensive survey of your ACS and to assess whether it meets EN12572 standards. If your climbing wall is not compliant, we can provide you with a report on the actions required to bring it back into compliance.


If you have any queries or would like to book a survey, please contact:

Diane Fisher

01282 444813