Route setting

Climbing routes are what gives your climbing wall its appeal, so it is vital to offer route setting that is appropriate to your target audience. Regular updates and first-rate route setting are crucial if you are to offer the highest quality of service to users and make your climbing business a long-term success.

From competitors to schoolchildren, the basic requirements are the same although levels of difficulty can vary greatly. For this reason, route setting must be carried out by a qualified individual who is familiar with the requirements and limitations of each user.

Before any route setting takes place, you will asked in detail by your setter on exactly who will be the using the wall and their ability. This will help determine the best set grades for the user base.

Upon completion, you will have a fantastic climbing wall along with information explaining the route setting grading system. A walk through will be provided and any additional queries will also be answered.

Route setting is legally considered working at height and therefore needs to comply with HSE regulations (2005). Often Setters use ropes or mobile elevating work platforms, therefore being trained in working at height and in specific route setting techniques is essential to ensure the highest safety standards.

Route setting is one of the most important aspects of a bouldering or climbing wall, whereby a blend of creative, technical and physical abilities is required to set quality routes. Entre-Prises are committed to providing the best practise and advice, with many years of experience and awareness to promote safe and quality setting.