Rock climbing even better than the real thing!

Technical description

The best available technology for rock-climbing structures. 100% hand-sculpted surface with no visible joints for perfect simulation, down to the tiniest details of the rock. Can be used as a stand-alone structure, or added to other technologies to vary climbing styles.

MaterialsGlass fibre / PolymerSettingIndoor and Outdoor
Thickness11mm averageColoursNatural colours (sand, grey, brown)
No.of inserts per m² 12 depending on featuresDesign3D simulated rock design – 3 levels
GuaranteeUp to 5 yearsRoute setting optionsModerate
Safety standardEN12572Fire resistance (indicative)M3

3 levels of finish (intensity of featuring)

  • Level 1: Low – Relatively flat surface with a minimum of rock-effect features – this level allows for a high density of inserts (12) for increased route setting options
  • Level 2: Medium – Some cracks and features on the surface – this level restricts insert density (10) and route setting options
  • Level 3: High – A variety of features on the surface (numerous cracks, jugs, flakes, etc.) – This level restricts insert density (5) and hold size but enables true rock climbing.

Product quality

  • Perfect simulation of rock, 100% hand-sculpted to re-create all rock and climb types.
  • Natural rock colours. Other custom colours available on request
  • Our common sub-structure (CSS) provides flexibility so that:
    • sections of Lightwave Rock Effect can be incorporated into a MosaiK structure
    • Freeform options can be added to a Lightwave Rock Effect structure
  • Entre-Prises European production site certified ISO 9001:2008