The most versatile technology for your climbing structures!

Technical description

A construction system consisting of digitally cut (CNC) high-quality wooden panels that offer a wide range of options for designs that are functional, versatile and creative.

Materials FSC-certified wood panels Setting Indoor
Thickness 18 mm Colours 16 standard colours
No. of inserts per m² 36 (option: 44 Design: Geometric, 2D and 3D shapes
Warranty Up to 5 years Route setting options Maximum
Safety standards EN12572 Fire resistance (indicative) M3 (option: M1)

Product quality

  • The most versatile technology for creating all types of designs (geometric shapes, 2D curves or 3D faces). Optimal compatibility with macros, volumes and all types of options.
  • The best texture on the market: hard-wearing, non-marking, and gentle on the skin due to its fine, even finish.
  • A wide choice of colours and graphic styles. Custom colours on request.
  • A wide choice of custom options
  • Entre-Prises European production site certified ISO 9001:2008