zipSTOP is the best braking system for zip wires, and brakes in exactly the same way irrespective of the user’s speed. The feeling of security and the gradual braking create a safer, more enjoyable experience for users.

  • The self-regulating braking system provides minimal variation in the speed of descent for a child or an adult.
  • zipSTOP is very profitable as it retracts quickly and very safely, giving a higher return on investment than other devices.
  • 011712_zipstop_01Controlled braking distance.
  • Works in all weathers.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Two versions available:
    • zipSTOP
    • zipSTOP IR: simplified braking system.

Entre-Prises France has its own Head Rush certified service centre, enabling us to guarantee the highest standards of service and safety on the market for TRUBLUE, Quickflight and zipSTOP products.

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